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us on InstagramPl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatXi encourage▓s Italian students to be 'new-era Ma

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rco Polos'Xi encourages ▓Italian students to be 'new-era Marco Polos'Xi enc▓ourages Italian students to be 'new-era Marco Polos'03-18-2019 17:26 BJTChinese President Xi Jinping encouraged students at an Italian high school to be emissaries for China-Italy cultural exchange on Sunday. While Presi▓dent

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Xi is about to embark on his European tour on ▓March 21, with his first stop being Italy, the headma▓ster of Convitto Na

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zionale "Vittorio Emanuel▓e II" di Roma, along with eight students, wro▓te a letter to Xi, expressing their sincere anticipation of his arrival

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and willingness to engage▓ in the work of China-Italy friendship.The Italian high school hosts the biggest Confucius Classroom in Italy.In the

.However, in recent years, with the

letter to Xi, the students said they have been able to gain a better understanding of China through the Co▓nfucius Classroom, further appreciat

industries of "fast fashion," online

ing the vastness of▓ the world and the value of cultural diversity.In his rep▓ly, President Xi showed his appreciation for t▓he students' initiat

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ive to strengthen dialogue and cultural exchange between youth from China and ▓Italy.He said he expected them to be Mar

co Polos in the new era. The Chinese President also welcome▓d the students to come

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